About Us

Two years in active development.

Nexus has continued to change, upgrade, fix, and adapt to the conditions faced. Never backing down always showing true dedication with the end goal of giving players a everlasting place to play, a Kingdom.

Server Security

We keep our members secure and our game constantly overlooked for dupes, or vulnrabilities. Staff is also on standby at any time.

Game Development

We work hard as a team to make sure everything is stable and running. Our team is focused on our future and determined to make it happen. We use a working Ticket support System to track down reported bugs quickly.

902 Patch Development

902 Patch has been a long time in the works with alot of development pushed into NXT and the M&S rework. We have pushed new updates to our beta world which you can find more information on our forums.


Nexus was created to build a hub for players that they can count on, from new patches to new tournaments for gamers on different titles. We are dedicated to create a place for gamers alike to enjoy!

Our Promise

We are here to stay,

We created our community to give a dedicated place for gamers to grow.

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