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New Update!
New NexCraft Servers Avaliable!

Towny, Pixelmon, The Arcade, and other big minigames are now within our NexCraft Servers.
Hurry in-game or check out the latest news below!

Website Update!
New website look has arrived!

With the new update people will have to be recreating their forum accounts.
We recently wiped all accounts, you can find more informaiton about this on our forums. We hope you all enjoy the new look preparing forward for the new things to come to Nexus.

Our Projects:
Nexus Projects

NexCraft is a multihub Minecraft server with main gamemodes like Towny & Pixelmon.

Other gamemodes include: The Arcade, The Lab, and Skyblock. All servers are using a balanced economy and cosmetics system.
Development status:

The Lab
The Arcade
NX: DarkScape Returns

DarkScape Returns is a remake of the original RS:DS with world PVP and regioned Hotzones. We have implemented the NXT client and previous game cache to provide the best 1:1 experiance.

Server rates are x5
Hotzones and PvE implementations
Easy Discord installation!
Beta Testing
NX: WOTLK World of Warcraft Server

Blizzlike Rates and active driven development, our WOTLK server is soon to be released with massive core changing updates and custom map work done by our team!

WOTLK will be released in the future there is no current set date, more information can be found oun the WOTLK discord and server forums.
Development status:

Server Development
Client Development
Latest News:
Nexus Announcements
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