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    Thoughts on the Ironman Store?

    A Ironman only need a shop for summoning! The most Item are useless for a Ironman The biggest problem i have is to play as mage, pure essence are to rare. (Runecrafting) And the next problem ist to get arrows, we cant make arrows. (Fletching) The Shops should have a normal price and not 1gold for a item, All Shops And missing reportet Drops not fixed.
  2. Mkay

    NPC Drops

    NPC: Celestial dragon Item(s): all drops NPC: Dragonstone dragonItem(s): all drops NPC: Iron dragonItem(s): need the same droptabel like steel dragon NPC: green dragonItem(s): only drop dragon bones NPC: Dark BeastItem(s): all drops NPC: Gargoyle Item(s): all drops NPC: Fire Giant Item(s): all drops NPC: inside GWD2 Item(s): all drops
  3. Mkay

    New Home Addition?