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    1-99 Agility Guide

    I will don't worry. Will keep all future guides up to date with current patch as well
  2. Rebelzz

    1-99 Agility Guide

    Agility is a pretty simple skill to train, though largely useless in RS3 due to resting and lower rates for losing run energy. However it takes no requirements and is a good way to get a quick skillcape to boost your combat efficiency as you train PvM. Keep in mind these are the methods that I personally used to acquire 99 agility, and that experience rates and methods are subject to change as new updates come out. Also, having a pet will drastically increase your experience gains and you should always make sure you have one out when training a skill. 1-35: Gnome Agility Course As is the norm, from the beginning you will want to start out at the Gnome course located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold just north west of Ardougne. The early levels will usually not take very long so you will not be spending a lot of time here. 35-52: Barbarian Outpost Now for our second course, the Barbarian outpost. Once again you will not be spending a whole lot of time here, so I will keep this as short as possible. 52-77: Wilderness Agility Course This is where things start to get a little longer. The wilderness course is a dangerous place due to being in the highest level of the wildy, so it is possible for players to be killed here while training. I would suggest saving any fallen stars you have or other kinds of bonus experience or lamps for this section just to speed things up. 77-99+: Hefin Agility Course Time for the real grind. Luckily for you the Hefin course increases in experience gained as you hit certain level thresholds (at least it is supposed to). These thresholds are: 77, 82, 87, 92, 97. There is no direct teleport to the Hefin course so we will be using the lodestone teleport to Prifddinas and walking from there. Note: Running this course 200 times is a Completionist cape requirement and will set you well on your way to 120 Agility. Congratulations on achieving 99 Agility! If you are like me, you did this skill first to gain access to short cuts and because the skill is insanely boring to do. You also have your first skill cape! This is a good step towards improving beginner PvM and will open a lot of doors for you in the future. Anyway that concludes this guide for 99 Agility, thank you for reading and I hope this helped at least some of you. If not let me know how I can improve the guide!