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  1. I've been away for a while due to health and family issues. I'm back and I'll try to be active in the community once again, so please don't be shy! - April 11th, 2019 - - Fixed an issue where players couldn't place God Wars 2 pets or obtain them through the item - April 14th, 2019 - - Fixed an issue where loot beam values and loot beam effects could not be toggled | Thank you @ARMAR K1NG for the interface assistance - Fixed an issue where killing a brother in barrows would result in a freeze - Fixed an issue where Magic Notepaper didn't function correctly - Certified Chef Perk now will cook two food instead of one and give double the experience - Master Fisherman Perk will now give double the experience for the fish caught - April 14th, 2019 - @ARMAR K1NG - Fixed an issue with Telos P5, and Reflect will now block tendrils damage - Fixed an issue with Anima Golems attacking you in P3 making you get stuck unable to go to next phase - Fixed an issue with Avernic Components, Corporeal Components, Cywir Components, Shadow Components usage in gizmos - Fixed an issue where augmented turned to dust after being broke - Fixed an issue item disassembling experience - Vorago rework (except hard mode and purple bomb rotation they are under rework still)
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    | Player Perks Information | | Supreme Perks | Master Chef: Chances of burning food are slim to none Herb Law: NPCs have a chance of dropping herb boxes full of grimy herbs Master Fisherman: Recieve double amounts of fish and removes correct bait requirements Quarry Master: While mining players have a chance to receive a bar of the respective ore Sneak Factor: NPCs will no longer detect you while thieving, and gain increased chances of double rewards Key Expert: Allows double rewards from the Treasure Hunter and Crystal Key chest Overclocked: Auras now last twice as long, and recharge in half the time Cranked: Allows players to have unlimited run energy Lumberjack: While woodcutting players cut down trees 33% faster Huntsman: Allows the player to have an additional 2 traps Green Thumb: Increases the chance of farming plants growing up healthy and increases yield | Legendary Perks | Prayer Betrayer: Drain's prayer 25% slower and increases EXP earned for prayer Investigator: Clue scrolls can be completed instantly Charge Befriender: Degradable items will no longer degrade
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to bring you my updates for 10/23/2018. Emotes Added all RS3 emotes except "Round of Applause" Pest Control - Fixed an issue with the lobby interface not removing during the game - Fixed an issue where the game would not start - Increased Knights' Hitpoints from 2000 to 20000 - Fixed an issue where the shields would not drop Treasure Trails - Added Reroll Rewards System - Redone over 60+ clues - Fixed an issue with the Investigator perk. Player Examines Players can now see other players' Invention experience when examining them. Game modes | Right-side is Iron Man and Hardcore Iron Man Rates - Normal (Exp x20 Drop Rate x1), | Normal (Exp x20 Drop Rate x1) - Legend (Exp x10, Drop Rate +10%), | | Legend (Exp x10 Drop Rate x2) - Veteran (Exp x5, Drop Rate +35%) | Veteran (Exp x5, Drop Rate x2.50) Please Note: If you find a clue scroll that does not work, please post a picture of that clue in the bugs section or in my messages, as there are over 300 clues it is difficult for a single person to try them all.
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to bring you my newest updates. Please note, I am sorry for the delay in my updates due to family issues, however, I shall do as I can for you guys. Magic Notepaper Updates | Magic Notepaper can now be used to note a single item in the players' inventory or all of that item in the players' inventory. Rise of The Six Updates | Entering a players' Rise of The Six instance no longer requires a barrows totem. Barrows totems are now dropped near Runescape 3 rates.
  5. Hello everyone, for 8/18/18 I give you my updates, | Item Updates | Added all degradable items from the Runescape Wiki to the list | Rise of The Six | Players now need at least one barrows totem to enter Rise of The Six | Ascension Keystones | Ascension Keystones will no longer drop three at a given time
  6. Hello everyone, the update for 8/15/18 contains the following: | Display Names | Players can now change their display name by the Hero Menu | Warbands | Ironmen can now successfully loot Warband Camps when all NPCs have been slain | Item Degrading | Raids Gear will now degrade into the correct items
  7. Hello everyone, for 8/11/18's updates, I give you the following, | Cape Updates | Ardougne Cloak - Players can now use the Ardougne Cloak's teleports and the cloak will no longer teleport the player to the max guild | Enchanting Updates | Level 6 Enchanting - Players can now turn Onyx Amulets into Amulet's of Fury | Gem Cutting Updates | Onyx Cutting - Players can now cut Onyx's into bolts | Clan Wars and Wilderness Updates | Clan Wars - Iron Men/Women can now only attack other Iron Men/Women and will no longer receive another player's drops Wilderness - Iron Men/Women can now only attack other Iron Men/Women and will no longer receive another player's drops | Bug Reporting | Bug Reports - Players can now use the command ;;reportbug insertbughere and it will be automatically added to the bugs channel in discord, this will help us keep track of bugs and eliminate spam
  8. Hello everyone, today's update contains the following, | Pet Leveling | Pet Leveling - Player's pet can now level up, and the pets can now reach level 100! | Item Degrading | Item Degrading - Updated and added more to the item degrading system and should be set for a while. | Skillcape Updates | Dungeoneering Cape - Players can now use the Dungeoneering Skillcape/Dungeoneering SkillCape (T) to teleport to all Resource Dungeons. Slayer Cape - Players can now use the Slayer Skillcape/Slayer Skillcape (T) to teleport to the Slayer Master of their choice. Cooking Cape - Players with the Cooking Skillcape/Cooking Skillcape (T) equipped should no longer burn any food.