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  1. Heavenly

    New Home Addition?

    You can go to priff once you've obtained 1500 total level.
  2. Heavenly

    Prestige Rewards

    I think you mentioned it, but have some sort of benefit to a skill with each prestige. Random upgrade to a skill upon prestiging. Along side the points that you get. In the shop you could maybe add things like party hats, santa hats, dyes. maybe some untradeable items. Possibly a bond. log probably would say no to that though. I think it's a good idea. fire cape or tokhaar capes? Maybe something like tickets for no killcount at gwd
  3. Heavenly

    What would you like to see more of?

    I really just want to see bug fixes before more content is added to the game. I would love to see a lot of extra stuff, and it would be great, but getting those things while not having a stable fun experience would ruin it.
  4. Welcome to my guide for players that are new to Nexus Homes Taverly' Pikkupstix Sells summoning supplies Treasure Hunter Chest You can only use treasure hunter keys from this chest. Using the interface usually results in a black screen, or a crash. Alfred Stonemason Jatix, The Herbalist Varrock Bob barter (herbs) Decants potions for you. Sharkborne, The Champion Sells skillcapes, and master capes. Wise Old Man Will Remove your ironman status. Ironman Shops Has a few different shops available for ironmen. Cora, The Combat Master Sells Melee, Magic, and Ranged equipment. Boni (rewards) Sells God capes (arma, bandos, zammy, and sara) Town Crier Runs the lottery. You can purchase tickets to enter the lottery. Lletya Nothing yet. Will update. Vote Perks Cranked - Cranked allows players to have unlimited run energy Key Expert - Key Expert gives players double the loot from chests Investigator - Investigator allows the player to instantly complete their clue scroll Sneak Factor - Sneak Factor allows the player to never be caught stealing from stalls or pockets, except in Prifddinas Charge Befriender - Charge Befriender will make a players items no longer degrade Herb Law - Herb Law allows any npc to have a chance of dropping a herb box containing grimy herbs Master Fisherman - Master Fisherman allows the player to always catch 2 fish at once Quarry Master - Quarry Master allows the player to mine ores, living minerals, and even pure essence 33% faster, and while mining copper-runite ore, has a chance to smelt an ore into the approriate bar Lumberjack - Lumberjack allows the player to cut down trees 33% faster Huntsman - Huntsman allows the player to have an extra 2 traps Pet Whisperer (WIP) - Pet Whisperer allows players to have increased chances of recieving boss and slayer pets Overclocked - Overclocked allows players to have double the aura time, and cuts the recharge time in half Green Thumb - Green Thumb increases the chance of Farming plants growing up healthy and increases their yield Prayer Betrayer - Prayer Betrayer decreases the rate of prayer drain by 25% Commands .Compreqs Displays a list of all of the requirements to obtain the comp cape. .home Teleports you to home. Currently the Grand Exchange. .yell Yells a message to the server for all to see. .train Opens up a list of places you can teleport to.
  5. Heavenly

    Completionist Cape Requirements

    Remove the 10m spent on your house requirement. Remove the 100 vote requirement. It also doesn't work
  6. Heavenly

    Completionist Cape Requirements

    Boss Collection Log (All bosses except ones that drop t90 and t92, others would be for trimmed) Final Boss Title Insane Final Boss Title (trimmed) Unlock all the unlockable stuff from Deaths Store Annihilator "Earn 'the Annihilator' title by fighting all four nihil at once." Everything Is Oresome "Increase the capacity of your ore box by mining 100 of each of the listed ores." Famous "Earn the title 'The Famous' by completing Morvran's Slayer challenge." Invention Discovery "unlock all invention plans." Master Skiller "Increase all skills to mastery level." 120 dung, 120 inv, and 120 slayer Reaper Crew "Defeat every boss at least once to earn the title 'the Reaper'." Unlock the following rewards in the Dungeoneering Reward Shop: Bonecrusher Herbicide Charming imp Advanced gold accumulator Hope Nibbler pet Mini-Blink pet Frosty pet Complete the Fight Caves Complete the Fight Kiln Unlock all of the Kiln Capes TokHaar-Kal-Ket TokHaar-Kal-Xil TokHaar-Kal-Mej Agile from Head to Toe "Unlock the agile top and leg rewards from advanced Agility courses." Complete 200 laps of both Advanced Agility Courses Hard as Daemons "Earn the right to wear the title 'of Daemonheim'." Not a requirement, but stuff that should be on it.