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  1. Predator

    asc key should be buff

    I happen to agree with you on this.
  2. Predator

    Easy low level prayer guide

    Interesting guide shame it doesn't work for ironmen but I found a way by just burying bones and scattering ashes from things I managed to kill. None the less awesome guide thank you. Predator
  3. Predator

    Nox PVM Clan Recruitment Thread (Migrated)

    Thank you
  4. Another amazing piece of gfx, I've set it as a signture on R_S thank you. Predator
  5. Predator

    Nox PVM Clan Recruitment Thread (Migrated)

    To note on this thread, I will be re-inviting all previous members from Noxious who'll be playing on here. New players will still have to use the application template and post their application to join this clan. Thanks, Predator
  6. I'd like to say a big friendly welcome to Nox Pvm. We are keen to invite all pvmers as long as they meet requirements we seek. We are interested in players who have a firm understanding of basic PVM and good communication skills Please use the Application as a template. If you don't use the Application template layout, we'll just ignore your application. So please use it, and just to mention please put either a 'Yes' or a 'No' next to the requirements. We also accept Iron men / women as well To note we will not accept anyone who Afk combat at all. Thank you for your time. (Screenshots are optional) To note as this is a new server I will just accept any applicants into the clan as long as they stay and play and not go inactive. Application Username: Total Level: Combat Level: Current Gear (each combat type): Preferred Bosses: Time-zone: Why you'd like to join: Requirements We Seek All combat stats are to be 99 Herblore level of 96 for Overloads Summoning level of 67-99 for War tortoise or Pack Yak. Vampyrism aura, t70 magic armour and t80 staff (chaotic staff) Basic understanding of PVM Current Clan Roster Owner: Predator
  7. Accidentally did 1 so I am actually for 2 so yeah I apologise. Jake