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  1. Predator

    Pvm Addicts Clan Recruitment Thread (Migrated)

    The clan is now open for applications, once the creation of clans is fixed I will then go through applicants and pick who I feel will do better off being in Pvm Addicts.
  2. Predator

    asc key should be buff

    I happen to agree with you on this.
  3. Predator

    Easy low level prayer guide

    Interesting guide shame it doesn't work for ironmen but I found a way by just burying bones and scattering ashes from things I managed to kill. None the less awesome guide thank you. Predator
  4. Another amazing piece of gfx, I've set it as a signture on R_S thank you. Predator
  5. Predator

    Pvm Addicts Clan Recruitment Thread (Migrated)

    To note on this thread, I will be re-inviting all previous members from Noxious who'll be playing on here. New players will still have to use the application template and post their application to join this clan. Thanks, Predator
  6. Vorrei per darti il benvenuto a Pvm Addicts. Siamo lieti di invitare tutti i pvmer a patto che soddisfino i requisiti che cerchiamo.siamo interessati a giocatori che hanno una solida conoscenza del PVM di base e buone capacità di comunicazione. Si prega di utilizzare l'applicazione come modello. Se non si utilizza il layout del modello di applicazione, ci limitiamo ad ignorare la vostra applicazione. Quindi si prega di utilizzare, e solo per ribattere per favore mettere un 'Sì' o un 'No' accanto ai requisiti. Accettiamo anche uomini di ferro e donne Per notare che non accetteremo nessuno che decide to AFK combattimento costantemente. Grazie per il vostro tempo.(Screenshot sono opzionali) La lealtà è la cosa migliore di sempre Requirements We Would Like To Seek: All combat stats are to be 90-99 Herblore level of 96 for Overloads Summoning level of 67-99 for War tortoise or Pack Yak. Vampyrism aura, t70 magic armour and t80 staff (chaotic staff) Basic understanding of PVM To note: If you don't meet these requirements I am willing to accept you to the clan as we will help each other out with gear and tips and tricks and all the shit.... Simply because we are a team! Application Form Username: Total Level: Combat Level: Current Gear (each combat type): Preferred Bosses: Time-zone: Why you'd like to join: Current Clan Roster Owner: Predator
  7. Accidentally did 1 so I am actually for 2 so yeah I apologise. Jake