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Latest Patch Updates 5-15-19 to 5.18.19

Released 05/18/2019

Key Changes

- Fixed an issue where prayer renewal's didn't restart on usage
- Fixed an issue where Lava Strykewyrm's used Wildywyrm's combat
- Fixed an issue where the Penance aura didn't restore prayer points
- Added the deathtouch bracelet effect
- Fixed an issue where players couldn't open sealed clue scrolls
- Fixed an issue where some ability's didn't work
- Fixed an issue where Protection prayers didn't give the 50% damage reduction

- 5/16/2019 - 

- Fixed an issue where players weren't getting the right amount of energies when harvesting with higher levels
- Fixed an issue where Lava Strykewyrm's HP was incorrect
- Nerfed the Ferocious Ring and Sealed Clue Scroll (hard) drop rates

- 5/17/2019 - 

- Fixed an issue with Holy Overload Potions
- Fixed an issue with the Overload Effect
- Fixed War Tortoise and Pack Yak's HP
- Added sendhome and givebonds discord commands
- Fixed an issue where Reaper Task kills didn't count


- Fixed an issue where the Spiky Helmet for Wall Beasts was outdated
- Fixed an issue where player's couldn't use a NPCs second option to finish it off
- Fixed an issue where Abyssal Wands/Whips/Orbs drop rates was set too low
- Fixed an issue where God Wars 2 Bosses didn't have drops
- Fixed an issue where some God Wars 2 Bosses didn't have dormant anime core drops
- Added the Herblore Cape and Farming Cape skill cape perk effects