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Latest Patch Updates for May 2019

Released 06/03/2019

Key Changes

Below is a list of what has been added through May along with some minor hotfixes not listed. Id like to thank @Shirayuki for stepping up to the plate lately pushing alot of development into things. It has not gone unnoticed all around, we have alot of things to do to move forward but with that comes new adventures!

Thank you for all those who have been supporting the server and continuing to believe in Nexus. Your hope and belief pushes our motivation!

List of recent updates:
- Added the Champion's Guild shops
- Added the Rellekka shops
- Added a cooldown for the jadinko max point message
- Added a cooldown for the lootbeam message for players with low values set
- Added the damage reduction for the anticipation ability
- Added the Luck of The Dwarves effect back
- Added Zenesh's Shop
- Added Oziach's Shop
- Added the Juju Teleport Spirit bag
- Added the deathtouch bracelet effect
- Added sendhome and givebonds discord commands
- Added the Herblore Cape and Farming Cape skill cape perk effects
- Added the ::itemdrops command to toggle the item drop source examine feature
- Added the ::npcdrops command to toggle npc drop examines
- Added the command ::homeselection for players who want to rotate between home locations (updated versions coming soon)
- Added a cap of 300% to Araxxi's enrage
- Added Soulsplit with heal display
- Added the ::resetskin command for donators
- Added the ::skin command for administrators
- Added the ability to buy certain items from the Grand Exchange infinitely
- Removed the dialogue to enter the portal after tuning it
- Nerfed the Ferocious Ring and Sealed Clue Scroll (hard) drop rates
- Fixed an issue where climbing ladders in the stronghold of security caused crashes
- Fixed an issue where the Master Fisherman perk required feathers in dungeoneering
- Fixed an issue where Kril's special attack didn't drain prayer points
- Fixed an issue where divine box traps gave a null instead of grenwall spikes
- Fixed an issue where antifire has no effect vs celestial dragons
- Fixed an issue where players could get duplicate warpriest legs
- Fixed an issue where GWD Kill count stayed after exiting the dungeon
- Fixed an issue where some God Wars Faction NPCs didn't give kill count
- Fixed an issue where players wearing subjugation was still attacked by the Zamorak faction
- Fixed an issue where combat potions couldn't be used
- Fixed an issue where prayer renewal's didn't restart on usage
- Fixed an issue where Lava Strykewyrm's used Wildywyrm's combat
- Fixed an issue where the Penance aura didn't restore prayer points
- Fixed an issue where players couldn't open sealed clue scrolls
- Fixed an issue where some ability's didn't work
- Fixed an issue where Protection prayers didn't give the 50% damage reduction
- Fixed an issue where players weren't getting the right amount of energies when harvesting with higher levels
- Fixed  an issue where Lava Strykewyrm's HP was incorrect
- Fixed an issue with Holy Overload Potions
- Fixed an issue with the Overload Effect
- Fixed War Tortoise and Pack Yak's HP
- Fixed an issue where Reaper Task kills didn't count
- Fixed an issue where the Spiky Helmet for Wall Beasts was outdated
- Fixed an issue where player's couldn't use a NPCs second option to finish it off
- Fixed an issue where Abyssal Wands/Whips/Orbs drop rates was set too low
- Fixed an issue where God Wars 2 Bosses didn't have drops
- Fixed an issue where some God Wars 2 Bosses didn't have dormant anime core drops
- Fixed an issue where some items still appeared on the Test Drops interface
- Fixed an issue where players couldn't use the altar in the God Wars Dungeon
- Fixed an issue where some Max Guild teleports were incorrect
- Fixed an issue with the Drop Packer
- Fixed an issue with the ViewNPCDrops and the ViewItemDrops
- Fixed an issue where equipping dungeoneering rewards outside of a dungeon would delete them
- Fixed an issue with daily treasure hunter keys
- Fixed an issue where the Makeover Mage didn't work
- Fixed a format issue with the coins in shops
- Fixed an issue with the ::npcdrops command
- Fixed an issue where money from the agility pyramid didn't go into the players pouch
- Attempt at reducing strykewyrm special attack
- Grand Exchange Offers will now be announced in the #market channel
- Administrators can purchase anything off the Grand Exchange for free
- Dragging an item out of your inventory will now drop the item
- Updated the list for certain drops not to be announced
- Unlimited items bought inside the Grand Exchange can only be sold in the general store
- Started on the Nexus Tutorial
- Started on Player Ports


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