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Hello everyone,

Ironman & Ironwoman players seem to have had issues in the past, and present about their shops.
I understand that things are pretty bland in them.
The shops are pretty vast in what you would need in a balanced situation, but I can see some improvement or possibly a chance to nerf..
Our question is this, what do you think should happen to the ironman shops?
Whats needed, what should be removed?




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Posted (edited)

Make every item bought from the store de-iron the player. 😎

In the General shop, Add Algarum threadReinforcing plate along with the Stone of Binding it already has.

Edited by Syneios

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A Ironman only need a shop for summoning!

The most Item are useless for a Ironman 

The biggest problem i have is to play  as mage, pure essence are to rare.  (Runecrafting)

And the next problem ist to get arrows, we cant make arrows. (Fletching)

The Shops should have a normal price and not 1gold  for a item, All Shops

And  missing reportet Drops not fixed.

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