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Movement on the northern! 2.?.?

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Hello everyone!

It's been quiet on the forums so im going to spice things up a bit by working some stuff on them and getting more attention to it such as polls and more. (We will be adding in-game polls tab to make things simpler)
As for updates and such we have not been pushing for some content within the last month or so since we have been working deeply with new client. We are now alpha testing the client to some players to let us test more thoroughly. We are still working some kinks out and if you have been chosen to be a tester we greatly appreciate you supporting us during this phase

Future updates,

We really want to continue to provide great content and ideas for our players, we also want to make sure new players don't feel discouraged when they first join the server if there is a little to none players online. So we will continue to take in your feedback, and do our best to make things balanced for the 2019 road. 
Some ideas, have floated around the team and we will be open to some of them in the future when we are prepared. As for now we are super excited for NXT to be released as well as start working on M&S Rework. 

Finally, some lovely updates that have been released last week, we will be pushing more this weekend hopefully as well as launching a W2 beta world to see extra content in the works when its online. 


-Fixed a problem with few interfaces being locked.
-Fixed a crash when opening community tab [
new client for that].
-Fixed queen black dragon reward chest interface.
-Fixed a problem with bank presets not refreshing when opening bank.
-Fixed a problem with dynamic regions [
was a little shifted]
-added both bob barter and teplin macagan near bank at home.
-Bob barter can now decant potions to x doses not just 4 [
with support of noted pots]
-Teplin macagan bugs have been fixed and all his options reworked.
-News feed objects in the lobby are now linked to forum posts or websites to which they pertain information to
-Bonds now properly redeem when selecting a displayname change
-Revision has been updated to 901 and early NXT support has been added[
still working on map and Mac OS launcher but sometime]


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