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I'm back! Pets, Loot beams and more!

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I've been away for a while due to health and family issues. I'm back and I'll try to be active in the community once again, so please don't be shy!

- April 11th, 2019 -

- Fixed an issue where players couldn't place God Wars 2 pets or obtain them through the item

- April 14th, 2019 - 

- Fixed an issue where loot beam values and loot beam effects could not be toggled | Thank you @ARMAR K1NG for the interface assistance
- Fixed an issue where killing a brother in barrows would result in a freeze
- Fixed an issue where Magic Notepaper didn't function correctly
- Certified Chef Perk now will cook two food instead of one and give double the experience
- Master Fisherman Perk will now give double the experience for the fish caught

- April 14th, 2019 - @ARMAR K1NG

- Fixed an issue with Telos P5, and Reflect will now block tendrils damage
- Fixed an issue with Anima Golems attacking you in P3 making you get stuck unable to go to next phase
- Fixed an issue with Avernic Components, Corporeal Components,  Cywir Components, Shadow Components usage in gizmos
- Fixed an issue where augmented turned to dust after being broke
- Fixed an issue item disassembling experience
- Vorago rework (except hard mode and purple bomb rotation they are under rework still)

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