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Welcome to Viduus! v1.0

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Hello,  I'm sure you know who I am by now and this is my personal 718/RS3 project called Viduus that I will be working on when I'm not working on Nexus.

I'm going to post Viduus's updates on here to get caught up with my discord. Please note that the server is not currently live as it is being done from almost scratch and I want to deliver a decent experience

- October 2018 -

- Removed all NPC/Item/Object interactions for a clean start
- Added an instance system where you can join/kick players and buy a temp/perm bank booth for God Wars, Corporeal Beast, King Black Dragon, Dagannoth Kings, Kalphite Queen, and Blink
- Added a Slayer Task system
- Players can now examine other player's stats
- Added the Squeal of Fortune
- Added the Money Pouch

- November 2018

- Fletching has now been updated to support the new tooltips
- Cooking has now been updated with the newer RS3 foods
- Herb cleaning is now instant
- Bonfires can now be used
- Fixed an issue with bowstringing
- Added the ability to add "x" to coin pouch
- Added an NPC vs NPC system
- Added NPC Killcount
- Updated Slayer to RS3 level requirements

- January 2019 -

- Fixed an issue with NPC aggression 
- Added a timer for Overload, Prayer Renewal, Anti-fire, Anti-poison potions
- Updated Player Combat to use RS3 animations
- Added Pest Control
- Added a Loot Share system
- Added all Skilling/Combat pets
- Added Warbands
- Added a Black Mark System

- February 2019 -

- Added the Assassin skill + Assassin familiar

- April 2019 -

- Added the Squire, Knight, and Legend game modes
- Added a Skilling Task system
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't bank familiar items from the beast of burden

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