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Drop System, Bug Fixes, and more!

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Hello everyone, the past few updates haven't been posted, so here they are.

- 4/23/2019 -

- Fixed an issue where players couldn't equip or customize their max capes
- Added more completionist cape requirements
- Added the twisted bird, demon horn, and split dragontooth necklaces with the proper effects
- Added Hollow Trees to the woodcutting skill
- Added the ability to trade bark for splitbark armor
- Fixed an issue where the buttons were outdated for clan loot share
- Fixed an issue where the obsidian cape would degrade
- Fixed an issue with the general store, now all players can use all the buttons properly
- Fixed an issue where players in the Living Rock Cavern couldn't deposit items into the pulley
- Added the Rellekka fish and fur stalls to the thieving skill
- Fixed an issue with the replenishment potion not giving adrenaline back


- 5/7/2019 -

- Fixed an issue where ironmen could access the grand exchange
- Added weapon requirements to attuned weapons
- Fixed an issue with opening imp jars if you have the Charge Befriender perk
- Fixed an issue where you could open the treasure hunter chest even if your inventory was full
- Fixed an issue where players using the RS3 Interface skin couldn't press spacebar in the Skills Dialogue interface
- Fixed the Slayer Rewards Shop so players can now unlock and buy things
- Added the Ferocious Ring and its teleports
- Added the ability to set a drop item value that displays a warning if you try to drop anything over that value
- Added the ability to pickpocket Pollinivneach Bandits
- Added the ability to teleport to some farming locations from the Tool Leprechaun


- 5/8/2019 - 

- Fixed an issue where charm drops would appear publicly for other players besides the item owner
- Added Combat Pet drops to skilling

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