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Guide To Nexus For New Players

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Welcome to my guide for players that are new to Nexus




  • Taverly'
    • Pikkupstix
      • Sells summoning supplies
      • 86036663_summoningshop(2).png.e40ea052f5cf463f9d80b4791b30092c.png
    • Treasure Hunter Chest
      • You can only use treasure hunter keys from this chest. Using the interface usually results in a black screen, or a crash.
      • 1792379763_taverlytreasurehunterchest.thumb.jpg.6eb8c9d019bda97d0436384549365ef2.jpg
    • Alfred Stonemason
      • 762856970_constructionshop.png.41c38afbefa4349fa989b22e42cb1305.png
    • Jatix, The Herbalist
      • 1991268302_herbloreshop.png.189dc9ac098d19c7b66b3f951339d968.png
  • Varrock
    • Bob barter (herbs)
      • Decants potions for you.
    • Sharkborne, The Champion
      • Sells skillcapes, and master capes.
    • Wise Old Man
      •  Will Remove your ironman status.
    • Ironman Shops
      • Has a few different shops available for ironmen.
      • 916955373_ironmansummshop.png.b7a3f1d4b636cb11d55707da7f946dba.png
      • 1046701356_ironmanskillingshop.png.341b05a5da7e9a6b0f1dbbacbb69002d.png
      • 978861565_ironmangenstore.png.df232bfe537439fcf8236c67e083a910.png
      • 861595012_ironmanslayershop.png.a3ba39ccf10999a8c1bcdc4e30d0a73d.png
    • Cora, The Combat Master
      • Sells Melee, Magic, and Ranged equipment.
      • 872051822_MeleeShop.png.75a52c64f3ad97f3c357c9e3bf982767.png
      • 1968402905_magicshop.png.53527257aeef086c5e8597613ec21376.png
      • 874579454_rangedshop.png.ae258a0418501299ad635e54eeaa31eb.png
      • 1372237702_foodshop.png.fb433520a9d777d065a14d213cce18ea.png
    • Boni (rewards)
      • Sells God capes (arma, bandos, zammy, and sara)
      • 493350657_godcapesshop.png.d8cf13da545d52bce5faef56ba407f80.png
    • Town Crier
      • Runs the lottery. You can purchase tickets to enter the lottery.
  • Lletya
    • Nothing yet. Will update.

Vote Perks


- Cranked allows players to have unlimited run energy

Key Expert
- Key Expert gives players double the loot from chests

- Investigator allows the player to instantly complete their clue scroll

Sneak Factor
- Sneak Factor allows the player to never be caught stealing from stalls or pockets, except in Prifddinas

Charge Befriender
- Charge Befriender will make a players items no longer degrade

Herb Law
- Herb Law allows any npc to have a chance of dropping a herb box containing grimy herbs

Master Fisherman
- Master Fisherman allows the player to always catch 2 fish at once

Quarry Master
- Quarry Master allows the player to mine ores, living minerals, and even pure essence 33% faster, and while mining copper-runite ore, has a chance to smelt an ore into the approriate bar

- Lumberjack allows the player to cut down trees 33% faster

- Huntsman allows the player to have an extra 2 traps

Pet Whisperer (WIP)
- Pet Whisperer allows players to have increased chances of recieving boss and slayer pets

- Overclocked allows players to have double the aura time, and cuts the recharge time in half

Green Thumb
- Green Thumb increases the chance of Farming plants growing up healthy and increases their yield

Prayer Betrayer
- Prayer Betrayer decreases the rate of prayer drain by 25%




Displays a list of all of the requirements to obtain the comp cape.


Teleports you to home. Currently the Grand Exchange.


Yells a message to the server for all to see.


Opens up a list of places you can teleport to.






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K then

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Thanks for the guide.


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Great guide, could use a bit cleaning up but great work nonetheless! 

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