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Forums update 5.19.19

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Hello everyone!

As it has been a while since the forums got a proper update, we are in the process of working on it and clearing up the web side of things as a whole.
In the coming weeks you will slowly start to see a change in website structure & additional content in new sections! This is because we are preparing to move forward in new directions to build what we think would be great additions to our network. 

For now here are the newest updates on the forums:
- V2 Default theme has been fixed.
(Updated all bugs found on some of the hidden pages)
- Release note page has been updated to accommodate to the color scheme
- Updating core & security
- Preparing for webhost upgrade to fix donation issue

We are also working on a new landing page, this is in its final stages. 
We have however released our WOTLK homepage, you can find that here: http://wrath.dontplayonthenexus.com/


More information coming up, we do plan on making other updates with other projects we are looking into!
Thank you for all of those who have supported us along the way and been loyal to the community in helping us find bugs, think of new ideas, and generate great times and memories with. We do this all for you guys!


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Website updates were posted, new layout can be found at https://www.dontplayonthenexus.com/

Also working on a development section, more coming soon. 

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